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Chart Room Creative works with a variety of businesses and organizations both small and large. From Thought Leaders in the field of Leadership Development to Nonprofit Change Makers on a mission, we pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve their growth goals using our unique combination of expertise and heart. We are educators, artists, philanthropists, storytellers by nature, and marketers by design. Though this may seem a rather unorthodox combination, it’s the sum of these parts that has shaped Chart Room Creative into what we are today: a full-service marketing agency with eclectic roots wholly dedicated to helping our clients scale, grow their profits, and streamline their marketing efforts!

Our selected work reflects the wide array of marketing services available to Chart Room Clients including branding, graphic design, web development, digital marketing, cross-channel promotions, and more. Our featured Case Study highlights our work with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), a Chart Room client for over a decade. Read our case study on CCL or explore other Chart Room work in our selected work gallery.

Sean is a tireless worker dedicated to setting big goals and achieving them. His customer orientation focuses his energy in the right places while his analytical mind and dedication to measurement ensures he stays on target. He brings energy, a can-do attitude, and a solutions-focus to any challenge we face. Sean is a valued member of the management team and a trusted advisor to me.

Jeff Howard
Vice President, Global Portfolio and Leadership Solutions
Center for Creative Leadership

Literally on any given day, we look to Chart Room Creative to be able to quickly create page mockups for internal clients, switch gears and create landing pages for global campaigns, consult on mobile app development needs, jump on new product or service launches through online exposure, revamp an intranet site, make updates to a global site network with hundreds upon hundreds of pages, and then create microsites for regions in both English and a number of other languages, whether Russian, German, Spanish, Arabic or Chinese.

I can count on my fingers the number of firms or individuals that I could trust to be able to handle any and all of that without missing a beat. I’ve found that few partners are capable of that agility, and it also requires our partner to really ‘get’ our organization – to speak its language and know its products in and out…

Peter Amidon
Director, Marketing Technology & Operations
Center for Creative Leadership

Working with Sean and Chart Room Creative has been a complete game changer for our business! Through his innovative brainstorming sessions and workshops, he was able to fully understand our company and create a logo and complete brand identity that communicates to others exactly who we are and what we stand for. Sean as the owner and the key strategic and creative driver for Chart Room Creative has provided us again and again with work that is innovative, professional and has taken our company to the next level. He designed multiple marketing assets for us to use, both digital and traditional; all of which speak to our targeted audiences. His passion, creativity, and communication style has been contagious and pushed us to think bigger and bolder. He is an incredible resource for our business and we highly recommend him to other agencies looking to create a dynamic brand or refresh the brand they currently have, or to get a stronger foothold in their markets and industry with their existing brand.

Megan Metzger
Megan Metzger Consulting

Sean digs deep. When you’re working with him on a project, you know he’s going to uncover a wealth of information and insights to inform the solution. He doesn’t just settle for a brisk Google session followed by banging out a few scattered observations. His office library was a source of envy for me—each book filled with notes and highlights. And finally, the man is a Rembrandt of the white board. I was always dismayed when his kaleidoscopic, multidimensional flowcharts and diagrams had to be unceremoniously erased to make way for the next meeting.

Mike Turner
Creative Director
Red Letter Marketing

Sean and Heather are absolute game-changers! I needed an A-team to redesign and rewrite the copy of my entire sales page and email sequence, and they didn’t just step up to the plate—they hit it out of the park! They swooped in and delivered results that would take most teams months to achieve. Their expertise, dedication, and lightning-fast execution was astounding. Sean and Heather didn’t just meet my expectations; they exceeded them in every way possible. The sales page they designed is visually stunning and communicates clearly to my target audience, while the email sequence they crafted is engaging and compelling. Their ability to understand my brand, target audience, and messaging needs in such a short timeframe was remarkable. They truly listened to my vision and brought it to life with precision and flair. I am very thankful for their hard work and dedication!

Eloise Gagnon
CEO, Founder
Power Player Academy

If you want creative action. Sean is your person. Sean is a person you want to get to know if you want help at the intersections of technology, innovation, and business performance. His work on innovations in CCL’s web presence have been a terrific aid to piloting and making happen, new products and services that the world needs to see and play with on the road to full scale production. Through all of my interaction with Sean, I have witnessed service, creativity, and diligent action.

David Magellan Horth
Innovation Leader
Idea Connection Systems

Sean is a first rate web strategist and manager. He’s very knowledgeable not only on the technical aspects of the web but has his pulse on current web communications and eCommerce trends. Add to that an incredible work ethic and you have an individual who is a tremendous talent.

Portia Mount
CMO, topcoder | 2x TEDx Speaker | co-author "Kick Some Glass"

Chart Room Creative’s ability to seamlessly blend creativity with strategic thinking is truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend Chart Room Creative to anyone seeking top-tier expertise, prompt delivery, and a collaborative experience that goes above and beyond expectations. Their passion for their craft and commitment to client success make them an invaluable asset to any project.

Brooke Vulinovich
CEO, Founder
Social Club Community

Sean has a gift and passion for web design, and it shows in everything he does. He’s got a wonderful right-brain, creative design aesthetic, as well as left-brain, nuts and bolts, pragmatic sensibility. He’s able to communicate the complexities of the web to lay persons, and is personable and responsive in the process. I can’t recommend Sean enough.

Chris Ernst
Chief Learning Officer

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