CRC attends the IRC Dignity event gala supporting the Interactive Resource Center as a resource for those experiencing homelessness. Image shows the dignity event skyline banner, a shot of the attendees at tables, and an image of CRC founders Sean and Heather McGinnis holding an IRC sign.

Supporting the IRC

At Chart Room Creative, we cannot express enough how important it is to our mission to support organizations like the IRC of Greensboro. We attended the IRC of Greensboro Dignity Event Gala last Thursday – the once-a-year event supporting the Interactive Resource Center (IRC), a vital resource in North Carolina for those experiencing homelessness, and a shining example of what a purpose-driven organization can accomplish in a community for a generally underserved and at-risk population.

The Interactive Resource Center is a critical resource for individuals in our community experiencing or at-risk for homelessness. As the only day resource in the region where CRC is based that serves individuals experiencing homelessness, the IRC is an easy choice for our support and advocacy.


We believe that supporting organizations like the IRC is essential to our mission as a marketing solutions provider for social impact, and we proudly sponsored the fundraising event knowing that our support will help the IRC, for example, with the equivalent of 400 loads of laundry for those community members currently without a home.  We believe, like the IRC, that homelessness is an experience, not an individual.  Whether through marketing sponsorship or services, Chart Room Creative supports organizations like the IRC in their mission-driven work to improve the world and make a positive impact on humanity.

About the IRC

The Interactive Resource Center (IRC) invites people experiencing — or at risk for — homelessness to be part of a supportive community free of barriers. Working alongside their guests, the IRC provides services that help individuals reconnect with their own lives and with the community at large. The Interactive Resource Center promotes dignity, respect, connection and empowerment in an environment where trust and relationships matter. It engages those it serves in building their own progress toward a life without homelessness.

As the region’s only day resource center for people currently facing, experiencing or coming out of homelessness, the IRC uses a whole-person approach to address all aspects of the homeless experience. This means it provides everything from fundamental services (showers, laundry, or a mailing address for example) to medical and mental health care, case management and employment services. As the IRC states on it’s website, “We meet our guests where they are, gather the resources they need to gain shelter and help them create a new path forward.”

The IRC’s community center offers, among other critical resources: showers, laundry, barbershop, phone bank, mailroom, computer lab, medical clinic, gardens and a bike maintenance area.  Servicing at-risk individuals across three critical areas – integrated care, fundamental services, and self-sufficiency, the programs offered by the IRC offer critical care and solutions to those experiencing homelessness – whether temporary or long-term. *

If you have any questions about the IRC of Greensboro, visit their website. Please consider supporting the IRC and organizations like it in whatever small or large way you feel moved. Join the Chart Room Creative team in making an impact for those organizations who seek to make the world a better place. Small acts of kindness in aggregate can move mountains and make a huge impact to our fellow human beings.

*Adapted from the IRC website.