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Work Completed:

Website / Digital Consulting
UX Design & User Interface Design
Graphic Design & Web Design
Web Development

Tools Used:

  Adobe Illustrator
  Adobe InDesign
  Adobe XD
  Adobe Photoshop

  JavaScript | jQuery

We are enormous advocates of breaking the still-present glass ceiling and inequity of the workplace.  So we naturally were enamored with the opportunity to support McGraw Hill Education and CCL Press with the design and development of a showcase informational website to accompany the launch of the new publication, Kick Some Glass.

We consulted with both the publishers and the authors of the book to capture the general feeling and motifs of the book that they wanted to demonstrate with the site.  Stark, black and white, with unabashedly bold splashes of red, the site drew elements of the publication both in look and feel, and in it’s tone of content.

With the goal of a simple, fluid experience, we quickly landed on a single-page responsive design concept that allowed easy navigation between sections, and an exploratory user interface that played with varying content layout and content dive-ins to allow the user to control the volume of content on the page.

We started the project with design asset development based on the book’s themes, and moved quickly to wireframes to pin down the general site layout and UI. We then moved to high-fidelity and clickable mockups that the publishers and the authors could explore, engage with, and kick the tires of so-to-speak.  It didn’t take long for the authors to be delighted with the experience and ready for development.

Using our standards for development – a mix of dev best practices, evidence-based design, mad skills,  and a killer mix of javascript, css, and html, we launched the site in record time, ahead of schedule and well before the book tour and official publication launch.

We couldn’t be more honored to be selected to work on this project for McGraw Hill Education and CCL Press.

Kick Some Glass, published by McGraw Hill Education - Website Design and Development by Chart Room Creative

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