Selected Work:

Heather McGinnis Photography

One of our very first clients and one with a very personal tie, Heather McGinnis Photography (HMP) is one of the few clients we have that isn’t a member of the leadership development/org development industry, but contributed heavily to the nonprofit sector through a high percentage of charitable work for organizations such as Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS) and Tiny Sparrow Foundation, among many others. From its earliest days of launching, HMP has been a case study for us of what can happen when a highly professional and quality service is paired with highly professional and quality marketing.

We supported Heather McGinnis Photography with digital strategy from web design and development across two different iterations of its website – both met with positive fanfare – as well full digital, local SEO, SEM, video and interactive, print and online display advertising, and content strategy and social needs. We leveraged such tools as Hubspot, SEMRush and UberSuggest, HootSuite and Sprout Social, Google’s online analytics and advertising network, and the full gambit of Adobe Creative Suite from Photoshop (obviously), to Premiere Pro and After Effects for video, InDesign and Illustrator for print, XD for web design, and more.

After over 10 years of back-to-back awards for the most preferred regional photographer, owner Heather McGinnis backed away from the lens to transition to work in the nonprofit sector more fully as well as gracing our team with her impeccable client skills as our EVP, Client Success. If you work with Chart Room Creative, you will likely be lucky enough to work with Heather. After you do, let us know about your experience. We love hearing that we’re right about her unstoppable ability to delight and support our clients. 🙂