Selected Work:


In early 2022, Chart Room embarked on a transformative partnership with Optify, stepping into the role of fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and marketing director. Our mission: to orchestrate a comprehensive marketing symphony that would guide Optify’s brand strategy, integrated marketing strategy, digital strategy, and event strategy.

At the heart of our collaboration was the elevation of Optify’s online presence, promotional materials, and email marketing through artful design assets, dynamic videos, and polished graphic design. Optify, a pioneering force in the leadership development industry, stands as one of the foremost providers of coaching Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms.

Optify’s mission is nothing short of inspiring: ‘At Optify, our mission is to make coaching a force to develop the next generation of leaders who will shape the future of work, organizations, and the world.’ This vision is not just a statement; it’s a guiding principle, reflecting Optify’s commitment as a Public Benefit Corporation, legally founded to fulfill its purpose and mission.

In addition to providing overarching guidance for all aspects of Optify’s marketing strategy, we undertook a complex integrated marketing and content strategy to support Optify’s presence at the inaugural NYU Coaching & Technology Summit. This summit served as a nexus for the most innovative companies in the coaching field.

Chart Room embarked on an intricate, multi-channel marketing and content strategy, resulting in the creation of a groundbreaking thought-leader report on the future of coaching in 2023 and beyond. We seamlessly executed a lead magnet campaign across multiple channels, culminating in the post-event delivery of the report. This campaign not only generated leads but also bolstered brand awareness.

The outcome was nothing short of extraordinary. Traffic to the website soared, experiencing a remarkable 250% increase compared to any previous period since the website’s inception. This surge in traffic not only marked a milestone but also supported a triumphant presence at the groundbreaking NYU Coaching & Technology Summit.

Our partnership with Optify exemplified the power of strategic marketing, where innovation and vision combine to shape the future of leadership development and coaching. Together, we charted a course toward a brighter future, where coaching becomes a catalyst for the next generation of leaders.

You can review some of the highlights reel below, and scores of other direct examples are available upon request. And be sure to read the report we created for Optify.