"Chart Room Creative’s ability to seamlessly blend creativity with strategic thinking is truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend Chart Room Creative to anyone seeking top-tier expertise, prompt delivery, and a collaborative experience that goes above and beyond expectations. Their passion for their craft and commitment to client success make them an invaluable asset to any project."

Brooke Vulinovich

Global Instagram Influencer | Founder & CEO, Social Club Community

Selected Work:

Social Club Community

Brooke Vulinovich, a global Instagram influencer and founder of the exclusive Social Club Community, worked with an agency to run a high-dollar ad campaign to drive more leads and higher conversions for her prestigious Premium membership of the Social Club Community. The campaign was predicted to drive above industry-standard leads to her sales landing page, but based on previous campaigns, it was clear that she needed a new sales landing page created from scratch to to support the campaign. The agency reached out to Chart Room Creative to step into the sales funnel and create a high-converting sales landing page to support the ad campaign for the Social Club Community – Premium membership offer.

With little time to pull the landing page before launch, we jumped into action. We got to work building a sales arc and flow that took the user arriving at the page through the recognition of their pain points, the promise of the offer and the finer points of the community. Using our tried, test, and trusted sales arc approach we created a fresh progression of the page as well as scripting the entire page copy of the single page website that the landing page required, even providing a new hook that the client loved so much that they have used it going forward as the slogan for the Social Club Community membership. While working on copy, our team was likewise deep into the design and lift of the page, pairing superb and brand-aligned style to intesive coding and cleanup.

The result? A wildly successful campaign that ended with an 800% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), a very happy customer, an ongoing partnership with the ad agency, and the Social Club Community as a new ongoing client of Chart Room Creative.