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Why We Do What We Do

Our Story

We started Chart Room Creative unofficially a couple decades ago in a hidden gem, hole-in-the-wall bar in in the Florida Keys

The bar was called The Chart Room. It was a mecca for artists, adventurers and explorers — from Jimmy Buffett to the great treasure hunter Mel Fisher, to countless others that have graced its hard-to-find doors.

You see, chart rooms were (and still are) places where dreams were planned, plans were mapped, and voyages began. 

To chart a voyage required vision, skill, science, experience, and creativity around hurdles and routes.  And when we began CRC, we had a vision to join the same traits required for those voyages into a uniquely next-level marketing service for our clients. 

Like many of the old salts who belly up at the ol’ Chart Room Bar, we pride ourselves on a zero-trifling culture. Our founders swore that if they ever created a marketing services company, it would be zero b.s., 100% honest and authentic, uniquely suited to innovation, creativity, and to artists, dreamers, and scientists alike.

Our team is comprised of results-oriented, skilled and extremely experienced professionals, born in the fires of the big ad agencies of New York.

Our goal has always been to move away from the oft’ toxic and overhead-laden atmosphere of formal advertising agencies and marketing groups, and create something new and better – for us and for you. We’ve set the path for CRC to be different and better in oh-so-many-ways from the other creative, digital and ad agencies you may meet.

We are digital explorers, mariners of marketing, adventurers of advertising, cartographers of creative



About our Executive Leadership

Meet our Captain, Sean McGinnis.  Sean is an award-winning MBA, listed in the Wall Street Journal‘s “Best in Class;” and you can find his marketing case-work in the North America Case Research Journal, among other places both online and in print. 

With broad experience across the spectrum of marketing and design disciplines, and industry experience with the likes of McCann Erikson and Mullen, Sean continues to be our chief consultant for marketing and brand strategy, and works hand-in-hand with our Digital Director for all strategic engagements.

We invite you to meet our leadership, which you can do by contacting us and joining the client family – he is a present and active part of all marketing strategy and work we do.  Or, you can see him speak at an upcoming thought-leadership conference.  Contact us at if you’d like to have Sean speak at your conference or organization.

Sean R. McGinnis

President  |  Director of Strategic Engagements

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